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Company Znamgraf D.O.O. in private ownership, was established on December 30, 1994. in association with the privatization of private capital of the company `Papirografika` CaCak, founded in 1989 and` Zomini` Cacak.
The main activity of the company Znamgraf is the production of commercial non-flexibile packaging of cardboard, laminated cardboard and microwave packaging, transport packaging and luxury packaging with high quality golden tongue.
The third decade of business and product quality provide us with a position that is among the highest in the market both in the country and in the region! We transform the needs of our customers and the desires of the designers into a finished product, and commitment to the fulfillment of these desires expands us in relation to others, as well as the fact that the whole process of the idea, through creation of solutions, production to the delivery itself, is carried out by us. In this way, we have the ability to control every stage of packaging creation.
The key objective relates to continuous improvement and achievement of top quality, in order to meet the needs and expansion of the number of clients, which already includes all countries of the region and several EU countries. Introduction of the latest and best known and technologies, constant improvement of quality control, monitoring of European and world trends in the production of cardboard packaging. We strive to keep one of the leading positions in the country and the region in the field of civil engineering.
Improving the quality system, applying the standards iSO 9001: 2008, which was introduced in January 2007 and the application of the HACCP system, whose certification is in progress, in order to increase the satisfaction of loyal customers and market leaders.

Bulevar Oslobodjenja 17
32000 Cacak, Serbia
Tel: +381 (0)32 374 511
Fax:+381 (0)32 374 511
e-mail: office@znamgraf.rs

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