Graphic design

  • Creation of graphic solutions, customization of delivered and existing graphic solutions to the requirements of your packaging.
  • Creation of samples and print proofs.
  • Lighting of panels on the CTP device "KODAK TRENDSETTER 800 III Quantum" to B1 format.

  • Brzo i precizno osvetljavanje ploča na modernim mašinama

Offset print

Offset printing is done on modern press machines, renowned manufacturers "KBA" and "ROLAND", which enables us to achieve top quality prints that do not deviate from the desired design, and the print itself is controlled with the help of a spectrophotometer, which keeps the desired quality and full color. We are able to offer printing on a six-color machine in B1 format, as well as precise separation of varnishes with water-dispersible and UV varnishes.

  • Štamparska mašina proizvođača KBA
  • latotisak Znamgraf CACAK

Hot stamp

The foil stamping process is carried out on the machine "BOBST FOILMASTER".

Using modern equipment, we are able to offer you an expanded range of boxes. Preferably luxurious packaging with golden print. The top quality foil is achieved using the best quality clichés and foils.

So far, the gold printing (foil) has been treated as a craft business, and was used in small batches. Today this is no longer the case, and we offer you everything you have not been able to find so far, a large selection of foils, a large series of top quality, the ability to create holograms, Braille and 3D prints. The combination of top-notch clichés and our equipment give us the possibility of a golden stamp with emboss, thus achieving maximum precision of the print, because we are technologically able to follow the imagination of the designer.


Thanks to the "GRASSI" machine, the process of single and double lamination is done quickly and efficiently in all material combinations of various types of paper and cardboard, over corrugated to grey cardboard. Also, lamination of cardboard with polypropylene or aluminum is one of our possibilities in the final box production.

  • Štancovanje na modernim mašinama proizvođača BOBST


The cutting is performed on four automatic machines in the B1 and A0 formats and three semi-automatic machines A1, B1 and A0, manufactured by Bobst and Rabolini. Laser-made cutting tools ensure high precision in cutting.

  • Štancovanje na modernim mašinama proizvođača BOBST
  • Štancovanje na modernim mašinama proizvođača BOBST
  • Štancovanje na modernim mašinama proizvođača BOBST


Gluing on three automatic machines up to B1 formats, high speeds, with the possibility of gluing from 1 to 6 points, as well as ZIP FOLD.

  • Kvalitetan proces celokupne dorade proizvoda
  • Kvalitetan proces celokupne dorade proizvoda
  • Kvalitetan proces celokupne dorade proizvoda


Packaging products in transport boxes, which we manufacture in our own factories.

  • Kvalitetan proces celokupne dorade proizvoda

Transport package

We have possibility to produce printed and unprinted transport packaging, on the "SLOTER" machine, of three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard.

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